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For your particular device this key may provide menu control. On some televisions, this may be done by pressing the text key several times: If your original remote has an 20 key, this function can be found under the AV key. This may differ from your particular device.

To set up the URC for your television: Codes are listed by device type and brand name. The most popular code is listed first. Make sure your device is switched on not on standby.

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The red LED will blink twice. If the functions do not work properly, repeat steps using another code listed under your brand. If none of the codes listed for your brand operate your device, or if your brand is not listed at all, try the search method described on page 6. Please try pressing a number key or the -text off key to switch your back on.

If your device does not respond or is not functioning properly with one of the codes, try another code listed under your brand.

The Search Method allows you to find the code for your device by scanning through all the codes contained in the memory of the URC The Search Method may also work if your brand is not listed at all.

To search oosmos your code: You may have to press this key many times up to times so please be patient. If you skip past a code, you can go to the previous code s by pressing the CHkey.

Remember to keep pointing the URC at your Television while pressing this key. To blink out your Television code: If there are no blinks, the digit is “0”. Now you have your four-digit code.

Quick Code Reference Device sat tv Code 7. This is only possible if you have programmed the URC to also control your Television. To punch through to volume while in sat mode: Press Then press the tv key and the red light will blink twice. To cancel the Volume Punch Through: Your brand is not listed in the code section? The red LED does not blink when you press a key? Try the search method kosjos page 6.


A Try all v4000 codes listed for your brand. B Try the search method on page 6.

You may be using the wrong code. Try repeating the Direct Set-Up using another code listed under your brand or start the search method over again to locate the proper code. Enter the programme number exactly as you would on your original remote. Make sure you are using new klsmos and are aiming the one for all at your device.

Replace batteries with 2 fresh, new AA alkaline batteries. This product will be replaced free of charge if it has been proven to be defective within the one kosmks year warranty period. This warranty does not cover cartons, carrying cases, batteries, broken or marred cabinets or any other item used in connection with the product.

Any further obligation than listed above is excluded. To obtain warranty service during the warranty period, please call us at the number mentioned on the Customer Service page.

Please notice that we need your purchase receipt so that we may establish your eligibility for service. If you have bought this product for purposes which are not related to your trade, business or profession, please remind that you may have legal rights under your national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods.

This guarantee does not affect those rights. LED Indications 1 2. Basic Colour Button Functionality 1 3. Shift Functionality 1 4.

CHEM C3000

Programming a Device onto your Remote Control 2 4. If the Simple Remote Set. Force Universal remote operation Follow the instructions that pertain to the appropriate model type you have. Risk of Electrical Shock!

Using the Universal Remote Control 1. URC English Instructions manual TV 3M A. Systems Accent Acer Acoustech Acoustic Kosmso Acoustic Solutions Action Adcom. You need to have your services.

A new universal remote needs to be programmed to both the set top box. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: To check which RCU control mode is active:. Device Mode Keys 6. Remote Control Codes 1. Systems Accent Acentic Acer Acoustic C4000 Acoustic Solutions Adcom.

It is designed to operate the SkyVuw. A Dynalink 6 In 1 Universal Remote Control Congratulations on purchasing this learninge universal remote control.

It contains one of the largest infrared code librarys obtainable for up to 6 different. Preset code list You should have no problem controlling a component if you find the manufacturer in this list, but please note that there are cases where codes for the manufacturer in the list will kosmps. Quality state of the. We are proud to be the exclusive broadband digital video provider for the University of Alabama. The digital cable service provided in your dorm room gives you additional channel offerings.


IR signals travel only short distances 40 feet or lessand cannot go through walls or other solid. Using the universal remote control 1. Press the MODE button. The remote control LED will blink once. Press the MODE button for 3 seconds until the. Troubleshooting and Device Codes What you ll find in this chapter: Watch live TV kosos more on your Xbox without an additional. These limits are designed to. Slic Network Solutions provides this as a general guide to remote control usage.

Using your Sky digibox Your Sky remote control Sets your remote control to control your digibox tv Sets your remote control to control your TV box office Shows the Box Office d4000 tv guide Shows the.

You have selected a fine product designed to provide years of performance. Before attempting to use your Remote Control. ZEN all Product Year: This manual was designed to help you program your Zenith. S-1 Install Kksmos Selected Key S-2 Insert the Batteries Owner s Manual Thank You! Losmos manual is kosoms to assist you step-by-step as you setup the MX to replace all of your.

Ferguson satellite receivers support recording on external hard disk drives HDDs and flash memories pendrives.

In all instances, the correct operation. Model IRC Universal Remote Control Programming and Operating Instructions To have a clearer idea of the features and capabilities of your remote control, take a moment to read these instructions.

Instruction manual URC PDF

Keep these and any other instructions for future reference. Carefully follow all warnings on. Humax Freesat HD with Model: We are so pleased you bought this freesat Losmos with box. Please read kosmks these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly.

Info Press to display information about the program you are currently watching. It s going to revolutionize your television experience.

This document contains proprietary information protected by copyright. Start display at page:.