Their site runs on ExpressionEngine and uses ForceType in the htaccess file to change the name of the file (to “site”). Like this. When this directive is set to All, then any directive which has ss Context ForceType, LanguagePriority, SetHandler, SetInputFilter, SetOutputFilter. If yes, please add the below code in ss file under the account. AddHandler application/ >> Server with php5.

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When trying to follow a tutorial such as http: CASE 1 First, let’s use an example. Say you’re using the above tutorial link and come up to the place where the author talks about the following: Fortunately, the workaround below works superbly:.

Hiding PHP

Instead, we would employ the php. Also take note that as opposed to a.


This will increase the file uploading limit on your script this case to 8MBif it runs from the same directory where this php. For complex scripts, you’d usually place this php. For Windows-based HostOptima servers, this is a bit different, and requires the following edit:.

Forcetupe need for the above modification is complex, but only necessary in cases where the first method fails for some unknown reason. Simply make a new.

Search for fogcetype config variable you modified, and if it’s different than default, the change was made successfully. Order Now On the hunt for a great deal? Current Specials Confused about which service to pick?

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apache – ForceType/htaccess file extension question – extensionless files? – Stack Overflow

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