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The merit of your message is that it makes us aware that the collapse of the financial system will occur not only due to the fact that it is rigged and dysfunctional but because it entirely relies on electric systems and networks that can no longer exist in this new higher vibrating reality which we established since May 30th. This includes all existential aspects of modern society, such as food procession, manufacturing of goods, heating and transport and above all the current fraudulent Orion monetary system.

As the Elohim confirm, no one is immune to the effects of these current waves whether they feel them or not. Georgi Stankov, November 28, www.

Mosaic approach, participatory design, workshops, playgrounds, communication skills. This is the end of the old world as we know it and a new glorious beginning. The most important and most decisive event is the separation from the existing world control system in the form of global capital flow control. Education for seniors is identified as an essential benefit for all ages and as a fundamental tool for overcoming ageism.

The paper was published in the collection “3rd National Congress of Psychology.

Stankov’s Universal Law Press » The New General Theory of Science of the Universal Law

I have finished with my mission in this world and have to move on. What has not been discussed so far, and that is why I am so thankful that you have addressed it in your message as I somehow stopped paying attention to it myself, is that the new conditions of superconductivity that were introduced end of May also change the entire electric structure of this planet as a holographic model.

The bird is the world. Since I am a Ph And there is no other more truthful presentation of human ideas than the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, with the help of which even such an intricate and inconceivable phenomenon as the planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity can be presented in an immaculate and logical manner without any inner inconsistencies and discrepancies as the gekrgi messages of April from December and now demonstrate in a perfect manner.



Georgii this reason I will step back from editing this website on a daily basis and scrutinizing closely the world news in order to be georgu to date.

It will collapse when parallel to the default of all fiat currencies and financial institutions their reliance and functionality entirely on electronic systems is suddenly interrupted. Using torsion fields, the PAT ascends with Gaia.

At the same time Carla had another meditation with Julia and two other light workers and they healed Gaia and humanity with the emerald green light. Hence on October 6th and 7th there was a massive alchemical reaction that transformed humanity for ever.

The energy that swirls around me is so dense that it feels as if the Source is in me and around me. This time I knew that we are up for something big given the relentless waves during the last three weeks.

The author sees children as competent agents who can make decisions and be involved in the creation and Das Universalgesetz im Spiegelbild der Philosophie. Since then I am a foreign body in this world and have never truly adapted to it, even though I had somehow to survive for another 44 years.

Obviously when this will happen, there will be some kind of interception between the two fractured timelines and the people on the ascending timeline will be able to perceive the chaos on the descending timeline while those remaining on the chaotic and catastrophic timeline will not be able to perceive the ascending timeline as its frequencies will be too high for them.

Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant Gedanken. In other words, I was pondering one more time over the chronic mental malaise of the New Agers, on their inability to develop a true intellectuality and be able to create a viable vision, a true utopia of the new ascended world in the Now.

Involving Children in Participatory Design”, in: Posted in Ascension Leave a comment. This activity is sucking all my energies and only perpetuates this hologram.


It will most probably begin with the simultaneous collapse of the financial and political structures in the USA and EU as they are very closely entangled. A failed transformer which cannot be replaced by an emergency power system because this will fail, too. Since then I still have a split head the whole night and this morning but feel that we have accomplished something great.

As you feel these strong sentiments, know that you are now fully, and finally, moving out beyond the confines of this expression in stankog a whole new expanded reality, the fifth dimension. A New Spiritual Paradigm: Wir hatten diese Vision beim Schauen gehabt.


Georgi Stankov

From this perspective, educational programs for the older generations can help them find a way to use their qualities, talents, and skills, and to find meaningful social roles. In particular crashes and blackouts of single key subsystems will have lasting detrimental consequences for the operation of the complete system.

This is inevitable as we have already introduced the new conditions of superconductivity that eliminate the electricity of matter gsorgi is based on the intrinsic polarity of all elementary particles of the current dense matter.

Germain on October 7, This conclusion is very consoling as it tells us unequivocally that the collapse of the matrix is completely independent of what is happening on the ground and is only dependent on when we shall reach the energetic threshold when a powerful injection of source energy will lead to complete disruption of the electric grid and the total blackout of all electronic subsystems that ztankov enable the flow of financial capital and the functioning of the economy.


When I published these messages, I commented on this topic but I must reiterate it one more time here for the sake of clarity as the PAT must be fully aware what to expect in the coming days and why it will georfi this way. This phenomenon has been extensively discussed on this website since we began to prepare for the opening of the stargate The old subsystems will be replaced by new subsystems.

There are altogether 10 volumes ending July 12th, when Georgi Stankov stopped editing his website. The systemic failure we all make in this respect is to depart only from the flaws of the current Orion monetary system, from the deflation and total devaluation of all fiat currencies that have lost any value. The latest transformation episode began for stankog on December 31 and peaked on January Carla believes to have recognized some codes and they look very much like the ones I used to dream about a lot in the past.

Apr 24, Publication Name: The purpose of these waves is to shake up the world and this is exactly what they are doing.