Sheet Music – £ – Various languages and vocal sounds. Berio, Sinfonia:mvt. 3, mm. IN RUHlG FLIESSENDER BEWEGUNG. Mahler: F o u r t h Sympho measures. D e S ~ s s y: “JeuX de. For eight voices & orchestra. Revised Edition. Published in a new oblong study score, Berio’s tribute to Leonard Bernstein and the th Anniversary of the .

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Luciano Berio: Sinfonia

Luciano Berio on Sinfonia The title of Sinfonia composed in for the th anniversary of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra sclre not meant to suggest any analogy with the classical symphonic form. It is intended more etymologically: Or it may be taken in a more general sense as the interplay of a variety of things, situations and meanings.

Indeed, the musical development of Sinfonia is constantly and strongly conditioned by the search for balance, often an identity between voices and instruments; between the spoken or the sung word and the sound structure as a whole. This is why the perception and intelligibility of the text are never taken as read, but on the contrary are integrally related to the composition.

The second part of Sinfonia is a tribute to the memory of Martin Luther King.


Sinfonia (SSAATTBB & Orchestra) (Study Score)

The eight voices simply send back and forth to each other the sounds that make up the name of the Black martyr, until they at last state his name clearly and intelligibly. Finally, the text of the fifth part takes up, develops and complements the texts beriio the earlier parts, and above all gives these fragments narrative substance being drawn from Le cru et le sinfoniwwhereas in the first pat they were presented merely as narrative images.

The third part of Sinfonia calls for more detailed comment, since it is perhaps the sinfnia experimental work I have ever written. Mahler bears the same relation to the whole of the music of this part as Beckett does to the text.

In this way, these familiar objects and faces, set in new perspective, context and light, unexpectedly take on a new meaning.

Its course is at times perfectly apparent, at others hard to perceive, sometimes it takes on a totally recognizable form, at others it is made up of a multitude of tiny details lost in the surrounding forest of musical presences. The first four parts of Sinfonia are obviously very different berko from the other.

The task of the fifth and last pat is to delete these differences and bring to light and develop the latent unity of the preceding four parts. In fact the development that began in the first part reaches its conclusion here, and it is here that all the other parts of the work flow together, either as fragments third and fourth parts or as a whole the second.


Thus this fifth part may be considered to be the veritable analysis of Sinfoniabut carried out through the language and medium of the composition itself.

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