Armaflex DuoSolar is a system solution with pre-insulated feed and return pipes for solar hot water applications. Armaflex DuoSolar is used to connect the. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop 20 Metres Armacell Armaflex Solar Tube Duo Solar Cable, DN16, 14 mm Wrap Easy Fit General Purpose. Höchste Produktqualität: DuoSolar VA endlos DN25, Armaflex. Zusatz-Info: Rolle a 15m. Info zum Artikel: Solar-Flexrohr. Wichtig: Made in Germany.

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The Solar Decathlon Europe in Madrid is an interdisciplinary competition in which energy self-sufficient buildings are designed, built and then assessed by an duuosolar jury. During the competition, the public can visit the buildings in the Solar Village.

With FOLD the strong team pursued an innovative architectural approach which takes its shape from a folded rectangular sheet of paper. Not only can FOLD be constructed in various sizes and variations depending on the specific conditions of the site, the jury was particularly convinced by the innovative energy concept of the building.

The solar system generates both electricity and heat and is much more efficient than traditional photovoltaic or thermal systems. Cooling the solar cells using the integrated armadell circulation allows a higher electricity yield than can be achieved in purely PV systems see Figure 1. The water which is heated through cooling the solar cells is used to supply the house with domestic hot water. Once the hot water tank has been fully heated, the solar cells are cooled by a ground heat exchanger.


The solar panels are integrated directly into the roof of the house which underlines the unusual design of the building. The panels consist of a multilayer construction with a front glass dusoolar reduces radia-tion from the panels and further optimizes the efficiency see Figure 2.

Figure 3 shows the effect of the insulation. The water supply to the solar panels was ensured with Armaflex DuoSolar, the pre-insulated twin-pipes for solar systems made by Armacell Photo 3. The high-temperature insulation material prevents unnecessary energy losses and moisture ingress. A robust foil covering protects the pipes against mechanical damage and UV rays.

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The corrugated stainless steel pipes did not kink even on sharp bends. Thanks to the patented join-split technology the pipes could be separated and rejoined easily when the house was transported and re-erected in Spain.

The connection is made by simply tightening a nut. Using the quick-fitting couplings allows considerable cost savings in the installation process and eliminates the time-consuming flanging of connections.

The quick-fitting couplings ensure that the corrugated stainless steel pipes are safeguarded against leakages in the long term. The connection remains tight even after dousolar assembly and dismantling. The couplings do not cause a fall in pressure in the pipes. To connect the copper pipes between the panels the pre-insulated flexible Armaflex DuoSolar pipes were used which were also installed using quick-fit couplings.

The ambitious arkacell received the Solar System Integration Award at the Solar Decathlon in Madrid as best competition entry in this category. We use cookies to ensure our website works properly and to collect statistics about users in order for us to improve the website. If you continue to browse this site you will accept our use of cookies.


Armaflex DuoSolar – Armacell Europe

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Pre-insulated solar thermal pipes The water supply to the solar panels was ensured with Armaflex DuoSolar, the pre-insulated twin-pipes for solar systems made by Armacell Photo 3. The water supply to the solar panels was ensured with Armaflex DuoSolar, the pre-insulated twin-pipe system for solar systems made Armacell Photo: Due to the high flexibility of Armaflex DuoSolar VA it can be installed easily even in difficult situations and does not kink on sharp bends Photo: The armscell quick-fit couplings for Armaflex DuoSolar enable fast and reliable installation Photo: Armaflex DuoSolar pipes were also used duosloar connect the copper pipes between the solar panels.

Simple and reliable installation of solar systems with pre-insulated corrugated stainless steel pipes and quick-fitting couplings from Armacell Photo: To use the Armacell Dkosolar with the best user experience and all functions, we recommend that you install a newer browser: