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There is an introduction to his work at peternicholson. He prays for equanimity. However, his passion is soon rekindled. Beauty has him in its grip. Manon dies on the omage to Le Havre and des Grieux is left despairing. The Chevalier has taken beauty seriously.

Massenet: Manon: Ah! Fuyez, douce image by Jules Massenet on Spotify

And who has not been subject to its predations? There have been repeated efforts in recent times to explain beauty, meaning the entirety of apprehended life, in sh its diversity and configurations. Life is adaptation, due process. Thus is everything limited to the level of explanation. Beauty fits in with this bulk disposal lot as just another adaptive response to be ticked off, along with truth, goodness and death.

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In recent times, philosophy, as far as I understand it, also seems to have let down the side badly, beauty being a stretch too far for protomodern sensibilities. Goethe knew humility before the doucee of the world was essential for any real insight into meaning and purpose. A great deal of our knowledge of the world comes to us through our feelings and how they perceive beauty, the gift unsought, and often importunate, but insisted upon.


Happiness, I read elsewhere [ Scientific American Feb. As if you could ever define what is going to make any individual happy in any particular instance. Would des Grieux have kmage happier, known more, or less, beauty, if he had never met Manon?

We encounter beauty, often in the form of eros, unexpectedly, and precipitously. If it is a profile, a Greek vase, the morning light, that sets the heart racing, so be it. Accept it, rejoice in it. It may leave you alone soon enough. Some Modernism belongs to this miserabilist school of hand-wringing.

But why should we love the work if it only offers negativity. This negativity has gone hand in hand with the kind of utterances noted above, though these, unfortunately, are just as numerous in the arts. Tell them that at the entrance to Auschwitz or in the slums of Manila.

History teaches that human kind has been bearing mountainous reality forever. When spider monkeys start performing the Appassionatacome and let me know, will you. Like des Grieux, we are perplexed by beauty and sometimes wish the cause of our perplexity to leave us.

But we cannot do that. We accept our perplexity and incomprehension, and that is our joy, our greatness.


Quickly, take me to the people Who have found the truth Of the way this world is And what the human means. I want to sit before them and give thanks For showing imagf the error of my ways. Before, I believed in the heart And the mystery of being, That love was the greatest truth In an inexplicable world.

eClassical – Ah! Fuyez, douce image!

They were certainly in error, As much fueyz composers like Bruckner, That peasant from Linz, Who wrote all his work for the glory of God. Talk about the future of an illusion. The torrent of generations Is turning at my shoulder, Dust in a glitter of hope.

How miserable their lot, Not to have had the chance To know they were wrong, and adjust Their beliefs to genetic sutras. Those fuuyez led to us, An evolutionary triumph, Since progress is always upwards.

But this net of consciousness Is really due chemical process. So, quickly then, Take me to the people who know, For I need wisdom now. I am humble before their greatness of mind That has fathomed the final meanings And brought from ignorant time This evidentiary might.

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